Interior Design - Intelligent refurbishment over demolition and the demise of history.

With almost 20 years of corporate and work place interior design experience, the studio's principal and owner Alicia Marshall has developed a string of North East based projects that are benefiting the community. Myrtleford and Mount Beauty Libraries and the Alpine Shire Council offices have been three major projects now complete, that has seen the studio hone an honest aesthetic that promotes ESD principals, supports local trades and craftspeople, uses local materials where possible as well as encouraging the integral connection to nature that the region is know for.

The upgrades have encouraged reuse and clever refurbishment instead of demolition and new builds, discouraging abandonment of vintage, architecturally interesting structures that deserve new life and appreciation by the community.

1. Myrtleford Library, Myrtleford VIC. 300sqm. Grant acquired October 2018 - Completed April 30th 2019  - FEATURED THIS MONTH


Built in 1967 this now Architectural building of Interest located in the working town of Myrtleford North East Victoria is the dark horse of the region. The original building is a 300sqm curved, modernist structure that showcased beautiful detail, extensive glazing, high ceilings, and expense in an era where the entire town celebrated the opening of such a landmark. This has allowed sympathetic design interventions that allows the original design to remain as a template and reveal important Architectural principals that have been forgotten in new builds. Upgrading technology and introducing communities to how the modern library operates, not just as book storage anymore, is encouraging and exciting for a neglected building violated by adhoc minor works over the decades to no real gain. The building has now revealed new life and a fresh interior that is open, clean, inviting and exciting to work in for staff and a treat for regulars. Providing bookable meeting spaces,  individual home office spaces, internet, printing, book resources, a new kitchen, extended storage facilities, energy efficient lighting and locally made joinery and loose furniture, has seen a tired beige and purple environment converted into a space that nods to a retro pedigree whilst reinstating a modern community space.

2. Alpine Shire Council Offices Bright VIC. 500sqm sketch planning commenced mid 2018 - Build completed 20th May 2019.

3. Mount Beauty Library, Mount Beauty Victoria 250sqm commenced late 2017, completed January 2018.

4. Reed and Co Distillery, 15 Wills Street, Bright VIC. A refurbished cinema then mechanics building converted into a local Gin Distillery. A modern, textural space that is now the headquarters of the local Gin Distillers whose products showcase and focus on local botanical ingredients and produce.