A unique collaboration between two local Alpine Businesses to help women in Crisis. Your purchase can help support and house women and children suffering from domestic violence and afford them the basic right of peace and safety. From your $50 purchase, $10 goes directly to IMPACT charity. Choose from 5 unique artwork visions and accompanying scent and transport yourself to another time and place.


10cm x 10cm glass jar with walnut timber lid. Coco soya candle wax with natural essential oil frangrance. Reusable glass jar with lid. Complete with packaging. 

Spring Twilight

  • Use your eyes and nose to transport you into a another time and place.

    The pure green and gold tones of the ginkgo tree. The pattern that has been our most adaptable and has customers coming back for more.Colours of springtime and fresh breezes through stirring leaves. Lemongrass and Ginger. fresh, clean and invigorating.