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Graphic Design, Wine and other delights

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The last 10 years have seen numerous graphic design projects arrive through the door of our studio. Amazing opportunities to assist start up businesses that are now flourishing, small market stall holders, and small boutique producers with acclaimed products. As we have a strong illustrative aesthetic we are often chosen for our skill in depicting botanical subject matter and an all round personal approach to each type of product or business. We pride ourselves on being able to link a concept to the particular personality of our clients and their products. Resulting in unique artwork and ideas.

1. Moolort Plains Bendigo Region. Shiraz Producers. The native and local Kestral bird hovering over the plains depicted to give a contemporary motif to a long standing family run business. 

2. Reed and Co Distillery, Producers of Gin infused uniquely with local high country botanical ingredients. Their flagship product 'Remedy' Australian Dry Gin pictured. 

3. Anderson & Marsh  'Catani' a collaborative brand (Eleana Anderson- Mayford and Jo Marsh - Billy Button). The Silver Xenica butterfly native to their location and delicate nature of product.

4. Billy Buttons Wines new mid range line launched summer 2018. A trio of  varietals that required a vibrant, festive and approachable visual connection to its customers.

5. Bush Track wines. A small boutique producer located in a small pocket of North East landscape The iconic fence and box gum of their property was used to provide a strong clear aesthetic.

6. Staunchwood Furniture and Joinery. A local craftsman requiring a leap into the 21st century. A clean technical aesthetic to reflect a new contemporary direction in the business.

7. The Tartan Fox, a cute clothing boutique the brainchild of a scottish textile designer.

8. The Little Chop Shop. The emergence of a local men's only barber shop front, taking inspiration from the historic tobacco growing region in the North East. 

9. The Stork and the Tree, a collaborative venture between two unique people embarking on a vintage furniture hire business in North East Victoria.

10. Mount Beauty Music Festival. Complete rebrand for the 2018 one night only festival. The Bogong Moth a symbol of the township of Mount Beauty nestled under Mount Bogong Victoria.

11. 'The Lovers' Private Event. 

12. Spring Spur. A culmination of Bogong Horseback Adventures, farm stay and a new wine label from and owner and wine maker duo. To be launched April 2020

13. sssshhhh....its a secret! to be launched 2020.

14. Reed and Co Distillery Brand new gorgeous Coffee Gin Liqueur - on the shelves shortly - just sending labels to print as we speak!

15. Bright Florist - New branding for a new start for a now solo owner of the awesome Bright Florist.

16. GLORIOUS - New Winding Road Design Studio Catalogue 10th anniversary edition - COMING SOON

17. Mountain Pilates - A new leap for a long running Pilates business run by the incredibly talented Anne Heuperman.



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